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Hello, my name is Marissa Collins. Welcome to my website about smoking. I have always been fascinated by smoking since I was in my college years. The allure and drama associated with smoking has captured my attention since then. I collect paintings and other works of art depicting smoking in different lights. On this site, I wanted to delve deeper into the topic of smoking to share my passion with you all. I invite you to visit my site on a daily basis, if not more often, to learn about smoking in great detail. You are always welcome to drop by whenever you have a free moment.

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What To Look For When Buying A Vaporizer

Vaping is becoming more popular than smoking since there's no smoke production. The vaping liquid heats up, forming vapor that people inhale, providing stronger hits. Also, vaping gives you control over your nicotine intake as the vaping juice comes in different concentrations. If you'd like to enjoy these vaping benefits, you need to purchase a vaporizer. The market offers a variety of vaporizer sizes, colors, and designs, and making the right choice can be challenging. Fortunately, here's what to look for when purchasing vaporizers. 

Temperature Settings

You require a vaporizer that allows you to change the temperature settings to control your vaping experience. That's because the vaping temperature you use determines the flavor and the strength of the hit. For instance, high temperatures generate dense clouds and stronger hits with a potent flavor. In contrast, lower temperatures produce less dense clouds, weaker hits, and a smooth flavor. 

Generally, most vaporizers can achieve high, medium, and low temperatures. However, you need to understand the temperature limits of different vaporizers to choose an option that will give you the best vaping experience.


If you'd like to engage in vaping wherever you go, you need a portable vaporizer. Fortunately, you can find different portable designs that fit your pocket or purse. However, since portable vaporizers are small and compact, they usually have smaller chambers. This means that the chamber accommodates less vaping liquid or dry herbs. Therefore, you may need to refill the chamber often. Nonetheless, shorter vaping sessions are worthwhile as portable vaping devices offer great convenience. 

Power Source

When purchasing a vaporizer, you want one with a reliable power source. Ideally, most vaporizers come with batteries that facilitate relatively long vaping sessions. Vaporizers with rechargeable batteries are preferable as you can charge the batteries when the power drains. Also, you can buy vaporizers that use electricity. You only need to plug your vaporizer into a power source, allowing you to enjoy longer vaping sessions.

Heating Method

The common heating methods for vaporizers are:

  • Conduction. The heating coils are in contact with the herbs or vaping liquid. Conduction results in uneven heating as the side of the herbs in contact with the heating coil becomes hotter than the other. Also, conduction may cause combustion, causing a loss of herbs.

  • Convection. Warm air heats the herbs allowing for even heating and temperature control.

Each heating method comes with benefits and drawbacks, and you should choose what works for you.

When purchasing vaporizers, the main things to look for include temperature settings, heating method, portability, and power source. Consider looking out for these factors to select the perfect vaporizer for your vaping needs.

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